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Your Guide to Our School


Make sure your students arrive at school no earlier than 8:50 a.m. because that's when adults are there to watch over them. Students should go to their assigned outdoor area for their grade. If it's cold or raining, they can go inside to their designated area.

The first bell to start the day rings at 9:05 a.m., so arriving after that time will be considered late. School ends at 3:55 p.m., but on Wednesdays, it's 3:10 p.m.

If you need to go to the office, park in the front circle drive and use the main entrance. There are visitor parking spots. You can also park in the east lot or at Valley Church.

For car riders, the speed limit on school grounds is 5 mph. Stay in your car and follow these rules:

  • Use the front circle drive.
  • Pull forward along the curb, and make sure your child is ready to get out.
  • The middle lane is for driving, so don't stop there. If no parking spots are available, circle around to Fuller Road.
  • The third lane is only for exiting or parking, not stopping.

If you want to pick up your student(s) and walk to them, use the parking lot at Valley Church or the east lot. Park in a spot and walk to pick up your student(s) at the top of the hill near the playground or the kindergarten doors. Don't park along the curb in either lot or walk between buses. 


Cell Phones and Communication

If there's a family emergency, please contact the school office, and they'll get in touch with your child. In case of a school emergency, we'll call the parent/guardian.

Cell phone use is only allowed before or after school. Smartwatches are okay as long as they don't cause any distractions. If a phone or device becomes a distraction, a teacher or staff member might keep it until the end of the day.

WDMCS is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen phones or communication devices. If you want more details about cell phone privacy, you can read Board Policy 502.09 Search and Seizure.

Football Games/Athletic Events

Families are welcome to support the Valley Tigers at athletic events throughout the year. However, elementary students can only attend home football games at Valley Stadium if accompanied by an adult (no drop-offs). The adult is responsible for the students they bring to the game. This rule is in place to ensure student safety and create a positive experience for all fans.


Classroom Treats

We take student health seriously, and the district's wellness policy (Policy 608.01) has more details. Homemade treats are not allowed. You can bring store-bought treats from the approved snack list, following USDA guidelines.

Q: Can I bring homemade treats for a classroom party? Homemade treats can't be sold or shared with many students during the school day.

Q: What about pre-packed treats from a store? Please choose from the items on the approved store-bought snack list.

Q: Can I still pack anything in my student's sack lunch? Yes! It's encouraged to pack a healthy lunch, but there are no restrictions on what you can include.

Q: Do I have to buy an approved snack for my student? No, students can bring their own individual snack. You can find the approved snacks online at

Food Deliveries

Families can drop off a sack lunch or school materials at the school office when necessary.

Please avoid delivering restaurant food (like UberEats, GrubHub, etc.), balloon bouquets, flowers, etc., to school for your child. This can disrupt the class and disappoint those who don't receive the same. If delivered, these items will be kept in the office and given to your child at dismissal. Your cooperation in these matters is appreciated.

Student Dress and Appearance

Students and their parents/guardians are mainly responsible for deciding what a student wears to school each day. When students feel comfortable in their clothes and can express their individuality or family culture, it helps them focus better on learning. WDMCS has expectations for student dress based on safety and showing respect to others.

Students should dress appropriately for the weather, wearing coats, hats, gloves, and boots when needed. Families needing help with clothing or shoes can contact the school office.

For safety, students must always wear shoes. Clothing promoting illegal products for minors or showing inappropriate material is not allowed. If a student wears such clothing, they'll be asked to change or given something else to wear for the day.

If there are concerns about a student's dress, the school administration will work with the parent/guardian and student to find a positive solution. Board Policy 502 — Student Appearance gives the administration the final say on student dress and appearance.